Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day USA!

I am grateful to have this day to remember all that serviced in the United States Armed Forces and gave their lives to defend America.
Thank you for giving us the freedom to celebrate you and this nation and give thanks today and everyday.
Your Bear,
Duffy Bear
P.S. Thank you Granddaddy for being one our nations heros!
Duffy the Disney Bear salutes the flag on Memorial Day

What a great day to honor our heros!

Duffy the Disney Bear salutes the flag on Memorial Day

A moment of silence and a salute to our nations flag to honor and give thanks.

Noooooo!!! The Air Conditioner is Broken!

Duffy the Disney Bear's Air Conditioner is Broken!

Unbearlievable!……….. …………….Have mercy on a Bear! The air conditioner is broken!!!   It’s been broken since last Friday before last Friday! That’s more days than I can even count on my little soft fuzzy paws!!! I don’t know how much longer I can suffer not being able to even eat … click for more!

Special Hospital Hat for Granddaddy is Ready!

….. and I helped! Yep! Burrrrrrrrrrr….. it’s very beary cold sometimes in the hospital room. I can get up and run around the room and practice my flippies to warm up, but granddaddy’s got to wait for the physical therapist before he can get up out of bed and move … click for more!

Cookies for Granddaddy

Sorries I haven’t posted all month yet. My granddaddy has been in the hospital lots and lots lately.

I gots some cookies for granddaddy at Walmart last night because cookies are the bestest medicine!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows the cookies he bought at Walmart to bring to his granddaddy in the hospital

I love you Granddaddy. These cookies will make you all better!

Halloween Candy Dreams or an Iron Man Costume Nightmare!

Duffy the Disney Bear Iron Man Costume

…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….   I was in Halloween Candy Dreams heaven when I heard Little Joe shout… “Wake up Duffy! It’s time to trick or treat!”   I sprang up super fast! and shouted…. “Halloween Candy! … and Trick or Treat Fun!” But in a duffermillemoment I saw that Little Joe was … click for more!

Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick!

Duffy the Disney Bear performs the Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick with his pretty assistant, ShellieMay

“Duffy NOOOOOOOO!”   I heard mommy shout from across the patio. ……I was like ‘What?’ Cause all I was thinking before I heard mommy shout was that ‘this has gotta work!’ I was thinking that my Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick would be lots of fun and work really good … click for more!

Labor Day Surprise! I Get to Do What?

Oh Boy! did I get a Labor Day Surprise……… I was like……. Yeah! Good news!! We’re getting a new refrigerator! Bad news… I had to opened up my big stitched mouth and ask mommy if there was anything that I could do to help. Mommy said “Yes…muhahahaha…..” rubbing her hands … click for more!

A Build-A-Bear Birthday Surprise for ShellieMay

“It worked Little Joe!!!” Me and Little Joe ordered something special for ShellieMay’s birthday from Build-A-Bear Workshop. The only problem, ……. is…….. that,…….. well…. we messed up and ordered it too late — (Like too many days late after her birthday….Shsssssh) But it’s here now! The very beary special ShellieMay Birthday surprise … click for more!

It’s a Gelatoni Badge!

Thank YOU Mommy for our Gelatoni Badge!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Look who arrived from Japan!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Hey Little Joe! We all have to share Gelatoni!

This size Gelatoni is called a ‘Badge’ in Tokyo DisneySea. That’s because he also has a pin behind his head and you can clip him to your clothes or backpack like a badge!

Our Favorite Healthy Treat!

Thank You Auntie Sandra!……….for sending us our

………..favorite healthy treat!


……………. Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket with

………………………Chocolate Covered Strawberries!


Duffy the Disney Bear favorite healthy treat and Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket

“With pleasure Little Joe.”