Land of the FREE!

Happy Independence Day! …..and like our great Star Spangled Banner says…. …this really is the “Land of the FREE” ! Yep, today I’m headed to Panera Bread to pick up my free sweet treat! Well,….. it was really mommy’s free birthday sweet treat from Paneras. But it’s been more than a whole month past … click for more!

The Fresh Market Opened in my Town Today!

The Fresh Market opened up today!   It must be an early birthday present for me because it’s just two days before my official adoption-bearthday birthday!   I slept in late today. When I got up, I noticed that Mommy brought home a really cool ‘Welcome to The Fresh Market’ … click for more!

Mmmmm…. Panera Bread Gift Card

Don’t cha just love gift cards! I love my Panera Bread Gift Cards!!! My Auntie Sandra sent me a whole mess of Panera Bread Gift Cards when our kitchen appliances decided to break. Auntie Sandra knows I likes to eat at Panera Bread, especially with gift cards! Mommy usually lets … click for more!

Everything is Awesome!

Yeppers! Everything is Awesome Pawesome Dufferdawsome! ‘Cause I went to see The Lego Movie today! I thought my mommy was kinda weird when we were watching the movie. She laughed when we learned about “The Piece of Resistance”. …….I didn’t get it? I won’t make any spoilers here…… It’s just that … click for more!

Sunshine on My Fur

What else could I do?…… I was bored…… I was hot……. So I sang a song! I showed Little Joe my video….. ….. He got up….. ……. Set up the video to share……. …………Then started selling ear plugs….. ……… I don’t get it?…………..  

So What it’s Cold Outside, Let’s go to McDonalds!

It’s super cold outside! The red pointer round thingy with the numbers on it got below 40 degrees! I bets some of yous guys might thinks I’m a silly bear! Yet, anything below 60 degrees in Florida is like freezing anywhere else! So I got all bundled up in my … click for more!

Home Depot… It’s Pickup Day!

Duffy the Disney Bear Home Depot Apron

“I’m all ready to go mommy!” I got super excited about the bathroom project. The dufferfabearlosoest part? ……Going to Home Depot !   Mommy wasn’t all that happy about it all. She liked the shower and tub the way it was already. Only we had to change it because we got … click for more!

Awareness Center Open House =’s Free Cookies!

I’ll go anywhere that’s got cookies, especially…… FREE Cookies!!!   I’ll tell ya,….. humans really know how to live! live! live! Mommy took me to a place called the Awareness Center. When mommy told me we were going to the Awareness Center because they were having an Open House, I … click for more!

Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet – Part 2, Packing Day

Duffy the Disney Bear packs shipping box

“Hurry up Little Joe and help me get the packing tape! It’s time to pack up Pillow Pet Cousin Duffy the Disney Bear to ship to Canada!” When I shouted for his help, Little Joe was busy making plans to take Springtime May on their very first outing together. Little … click for more!