Super Proud Teddy Olympics Winner!!!

I’m an Olympian…. …..Again! Yeppers Peppers! Once again, I’m an Olympian! …..An ‘Official’ Teddy Olympian! Sure ShellieMay is an Olympian…… ShellieMay won her medal during the 2012 Olympics. ……and maybe she won her Olympic medal before I did… Only ShellieMay isn’t an Official Teddy Olympian like me! …. and not … click for more!

Thunder Boomer Storms, I Love ’em!

Boom!!! Crackle-Crackle!!! Boom!!! Call me crazy! ……But I likes me a good thunder boomer rain storm!!!   I guess I take after my mommy…. She likes thunder boomer rain storms too. Sometimes the thunder boomers are really loud and scary. So loud and scary they shake the whole house! I … click for more!

Our Duffy the Disney Bear Family wishes you a Duffertastic July 4th Holiday!

I’m sure all yous guys can guess what one of my duffermost favorlish-EoSO parts of today will be…..!!! Fur duffercertain it’s the July 4th feast with all the trimmings! I best not delay. I can hear Fred, Charlie, ShellieMay & Little Joe’s tummies all growling for the feast to beargin … click for more!

InSide Out Meet and Greet

I met Joy and Sadness at a super special exclusive Meet and Greet Disney Parks Blog set up after our early sneak peak showing of Disney/Pixar’s new movie Inside Out !

Duffy the Disney Bear meets Joy and Sadness from Disney Pixar InSide Out

You totally gotta see this movie if you ever want to figure out what’s going on in your human’s head!


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day USA!

I am grateful to have this day to remember all that serviced in the United States Armed Forces and gave their lives to defend America.
Thank you for giving us the freedom to celebrate you and this nation and give thanks today and everyday.
Your Bear,
Duffy Bear
P.S. Thank you Granddaddy for being one our nations heros!
Duffy the Disney Bear salutes the flag on Memorial Day

What a great day to honor our heros!

Duffy the Disney Bear salutes the flag on Memorial Day

A moment of silence and a salute to our nations flag to honor and give thanks.

Magic Band Mishap!… I Miss Keys!

Hey Disney….. I know you likes these new Magic Band thingies and all….

Yet… for those of us with short arms….

and long snouts….

Well…. the gwarsh darn Magic Band is beary inconvenient!

Duffy the Disney Bear opens his Fort Wilderness Campground Cabin door with his Magic Band

This isn’t how I imagined how I would be entering my cabin!

Noooooo!!! The Air Conditioner is Broken!

Duffy the Disney Bear's Air Conditioner is Broken!

Unbearlievable!……….. …………….Have mercy on a Bear! The air conditioner is broken!!!   It’s been broken since last Friday before last Friday! That’s more days than I can even count on my little soft fuzzy paws!!! I don’t know how much longer I can suffer not being able to even eat … click for more!

Sonny’s BBQ Meal Deal is Pawlicking GooD!

Duffy the Disney Bear digs into his Sonny's BBQ special deal

Especially when a Sonny’s BBQ Rib Dinner is 1/2 price!   Hurry though, because it’s today ONLY! April 15th!! It’s some IRS or Irresistible Ribs Special! Whatever…… all I know is that I’m eating me some Sonny’s BBQ Ribs for lunch today! Ya see….. I was just mosey on through … click for more!

I Caught a Leprechaun!

Yeppers Peppers! …… I caught myself a Leprechaun! …….He was after my pepperoni pizza! I was like…. “Oh, no you don’t Little Leprechaun!…..   Mommy bought that pepperoni pizza for me and Little Joe.”   I scooped up the Little Leprechaun in my arms and carried him out of the … click for more!