Look What I Spotted at Disney!


…..Are you ready for it?………….

Duffy the Disney Bear stands in front of his surprise

Can you guess…..???

It’s… it’s….

Duffy the Disney Bear reveals the ShellieMay the Disney Bear Book



‘ShellieMay the Disney Bear! Duffy’s New Friend’ book! and that means that ShellieMay is not far behind the release of her story book to adopt at Disney USA Parks!!!

The Fresh Market Opened in my Town Today!

Fresh Market_IMG_8999 featured image

The Fresh Market opened up today!   It must be an early birthday present for me because it’s just two days before my official adoption-bearthday birthday!   I slept in late today. When I got up, I noticed that Mommy brought home a really cool ‘Welcome to The Fresh Market’ … click for more!

Mmmmm…. Panera Bread Gift Card

Panera Gift Card_IMG_0006

Don’t cha just love gift cards! I love my Panera Bread Gift Cards!!! My Auntie Sandra sent me a whole mess of Panera Bread Gift Cards when our kitchen appliances decided to break. Auntie Sandra knows I likes to eat at Panera Bread, especially with gift cards! Mommy usually lets … click for more!

World Elephant Day

Join the Stampede_IMG_8693 featured image

It’s World Elephant Day!   I learned about World Elephant Day from my twitter friends Ellie and Edmond. You can learn lots of stuff about elephants from Ellie and Edmond. You can also discover 96 different fun facts about elephants on 96elephants.com.   Learning 96 fun facts about elephants was…. well… fun! Yet, … click for more!

Super Proud Teddy Olympics Winner!!!

Teddy Olympics 2015_IMG_8599 copy featured image

I’m an Olympian…. …..Again! Yeppers Peppers! Once again, I’m an Olympian! …..An ‘Official’ Teddy Olympian! Sure ShellieMay is an Olympian…… ShellieMay won her medal during the 2012 Olympics. ……and maybe she won her Olympic medal before I did… Only ShellieMay isn’t an Official Teddy Olympian like me! …. and not … click for more!

Thunder Boomer Storms, I Love ’em!

Thunder Boomers_IMG_8520  featured imageJPG

Boom!!! Crackle-Crackle!!! Boom!!! Call me crazy! ……But I likes me a good thunder boomer rain storm!!!   I guess I take after my mommy…. She likes thunder boomer rain storms too. Sometimes the thunder boomers are really loud and scary. So loud and scary they shake the whole house! I … click for more!

Our Duffy the Disney Bear Family wishes you a Duffertastic July 4th Holiday!

I’m sure all yous guys can guess what one of my duffermost favorlish-EoSO parts of today will be…..!!! Fur duffercertain it’s the July 4th feast with all the trimmings! I best not delay. I can hear Fred, Charlie, ShellieMay & Little Joe’s tummies all growling for the feast to beargin … click for more!