I ‘Brave-ly’ took my Bath Tonight before going to Disney!

Duffy the Disney Bear after his bath with Dreft

I know being Brave will have it’s rewards! You see, tonight I didn’t hide under the bed, in the drawers, or …. well, I better not tell all my hiding places…  I actually wanted to be ‘brave‘ and take my bath. We are going to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow especially … click for more!

Broccoli – Who Knew?

I'm a Video! Click 'there's more!..' to PLAY ME!

Oh Boy! The Chinese Buffet! I like it when my Aunties come to visit because we always go out to eat. Today we went to Yong Wang’s Chinese Buffet. – It’s one of my favorites.   I picked out everything on my plate all by myself… – EXCEPT ….. ———– … click for more!

Edible Arrangement

An Edible Arrangement is one of my super favorite surprises! This one was gigantically king-sized, bigger than a 17” Duffy sized, Duffy the Disney Bear sized HUGE! … and YUMMY! My Auntie Sandra loves to surprise us. I was doing some computer surfing and I saw the Edible Arrangement truck across the street. Our … click for more!

Super Moon

I'm a Video! Click 'there's more!..' to PLAY ME!

I did it! I took a ride on the Perigee “Super Moon“. I heard that the Super Moon was coming on the tv news. So I looked it up and found this article on the NASA site. The Super Moon in the picture looked bigger than the house! That’s when I … click for more!

Vinylmation…….Coming out Summer 2012!!!

Vinylmation Duffy the Disney Bear dressed in Sailor Suit

Oh boy! I’m going to be a Vinylmation figure! Summer 2012….!!! That’s all I know right now as far as the timing of my inaugural Vinylmation release. 🙂 I’m gonna be two, count ’em two Vinylmation figures! The first one, I’ll be dress in my awesome pawesome Sailor Duffy Outfit. I’m … click for more!