I ‘Brave-ly’ took my Bath Tonight before going to Disney!

Duffy the Disney Bear after his bath with Dreft

I know being Brave will have it’s rewards! You see, tonight I didn’t hide under the bed, in the drawers, or …. well, I better not tell all my hiding places…  I actually wanted to be ‘brave‘ and take my bath. We are going to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow especially … click for more!

Broccoli – Who Knew?

I'm a Video! Click 'there's more!..' to PLAY ME!

Oh Boy! The Chinese Buffet! I like it when my Aunties come to visit because we always go out to eat. Today we went to Yong Wang’s Chinese Buffet. – It’s one of my favorites.   I picked out everything on my plate all by myself… – EXCEPT ….. ———– … click for more!

Edible Arrangement

Duffy the Disney Bear Edible Arrangements Featured Image YT

An Edible Arrangement is one of my super favorite surprises! This one was gigantically king-sized, bigger than a 17” Duffy sized, Duffy the Disney Bear sized HUGE! … and YUMMY! My Auntie Sandra loves to surprise us. I was doing some computer surfing and I saw the Edible Arrangement truck across the street. Our … click for more!

Super Moon

I'm a Video! Click 'there's more!..' to PLAY ME!

I did it! I took a ride on the Perigee “Super Moon“. I heard that the Super Moon was coming on the tv news. So I looked it up and found this article on the NASA site. The Super Moon in the picture looked bigger than the house! That’s when I … click for more!

Vinylmation…….Coming out Summer 2012!!!

Vinylmation Duffy the Disney Bear dressed in Sailor Suit

Oh boy! I’m going to be a Vinylmation figure! Summer 2012….!!! That’s all I know right now as far as the timing of my inaugural Vinylmation release. I’m gonna be two, count ’em two Vinylmation figures! The first one, I’ll be dress in my awesome pawesome Sailor Duffy Outfit. I’m a … click for more!