Wizard Promise to Mr. J.

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  Hi Mr. J., Duffy Bear, A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear, here! I promise…. I super duper, cross my paws, Duffy the Disney Bear promise, I haven’t forgotten about your Wizard fortune. I just don’t live really close to Old Town Mr. J. ……But I beary much promise that I’ll get your … click for more!

Publix Grand Opening fun on St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from the Grand Opening of the new Publix here in Viera, Florida! Last year mommy took me and grandmommy to Epcot on St. Patrick’s Day. I had just as much fun this year right here in town. I was really excited to … click for more!

Duffy Goes to Walmart!

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Yippe Ki-E-kai O-kai yay! Me & Mommy are about to go to Walmart! hay Eee! I got dressed really early this morning, because if mommy went out, I wanted to be ready to go. I haven’t been shopping with mommy in a while, and I like going to Walmart. It’s super … click for more!

SuperDuper puts the Superhero in My Computer!

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Hello, I’m Duffy Bear. A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear. Today, I finally persuaded my mommy to let me update my (oh…a…, I mean her,) iMac’s operating system from OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard to OSX 10.7 Lion. That way I can hook my iPhone up to ‘the cloud” and use all the other … click for more!

John Carter Movie Review by Duffy Bear

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Hello, I’m Duffy Bear. This is my first movie review……… – so just ‘bear’ with me….. – okay that wasn’t ‘beary’ funny……. Okay, okay – getting serious now —— Me, Duffy Bear, well I’m one lucky bear! I saw a sneak peak of the John Carter movie at Disney’s Hollywood … click for more!